10 Words About NAD Leadership Summit

February 19, 2008

10 Words to describe the NAD Leadership Summit

1. Innovative– I was pleasantly surprised by the innovation at this leadership summit. The NAD leadership team did a good job planning for this conference. There was an obvious push to o ministry in non-traditional ways. Seminars were presented on preaching to the Ipod culture, ministering to the secular and postmodern mind, media-driven ministry, pod casting and many more ways to reach youth and youth adults through non-traditional evangelism.
2. Spiritual– The summit did a great job of helping the attendees keep Christ in the center of all things. Each day began with prayer and worship. I was also blessed to attend the AWESOME prayer suites where you could spend time in the presence of God. These prayer suites are something that you have to experience, they are indescribable.
3. Organized– IT wasn’t difficult to visit the seminars you desired to attend. Many seminars were offered more than once or twice to give ample opportunity to be blessed.
4. Challenging– One big challenge was to help leaders remember our young adult ministry.
5. Creative– There was a myriad of creative ways to share the gospel: drama ministry, puppet ministry, small groups, missions, radio ministry, café church and Internet church.
6. Ministry– continuing on the theme of being creative, ministry was the word kept before each attendee. We were challenged to remember two key words: salvation and service. We need to help our youth fall in love with Jesus and then help them discover their areas of giftedness to serve Jesus.
7. Inspiring– Upon leaving I was inspired to return home to try new methods.
8. Transformation– The Summit also stressed not being afraid of the word CHANGE. We must allow God to transform our lives and the lives of our youth.
9. Truth– Jesus is the truth. When we know Jesus (the Truth) we will experience freedom.
10. Revival– My soul was revived and I pray that the Spirit will help me to not just experience a revival but also a reformation.


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