10 reasons “they” just don’t get it

July 20, 2008

[AUDIO http://mcphaull.com/bens10/10reasonstheydonotgetit.mp3%5D

It’s so easy to get caught up doing the same old thing. God has called us to preach the word and be instant in season and out of season. While we don’t change the essence of the Gospel message, we must change our methodology. Just because our it has been done a certain way doesn’t mean that is the only way it should be done.

The “they” described are locked into one way and “they” refuse to deviate from that way or else things will not turn out the way “they” were taught.

Don’t follow the “they” stay fresh with innovative ways to share the gospel, grow your church and improve your preaching.

1. They were taught that way.

2. They’ve always done it that way.

3. They refuse to get it.

4. They are afraid of change.

5. They’re “maintenance” ministers.

6. They don’t read current books/publications.

7. They are the “authority”.

8. They’ve received some “results”- it can’t get better!

9. Their church is dying/dead.

10.They have no vision. They feel like they don’t need one.


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