10 descriptions of a “maintenance” minister

August 17, 2008

[AUDIO http://mcphaull.com/bens10/10%20descriptions%20of%20a%20maintainence%20minister.mp3%5D

The American heritage dictionary defines the word maintenance as the act of maintaining or keeping something in its proper or current condition.

While on paper this sounds great we can’t be in the business of maintenance ministry. Here are some descriptions of a maintenance minister.

1. No clear vision and mission.

2. They hate on other ministers.

3. No creativity or innovation.

4. Resist change.

5. Just do the same old thing.

6. Recycled sermons.

7. No leadership development.

8. Wants peace at all cost.

9. Just enough is enough.

10. Pastor ministry has become a job. It is no longer a calling.


One comment

  1. This is a very serious list. I hate to say it but I think there are quite a few maintenance ministers in the church today. If we are following Jesus’ model of leadership, we see that He did far more than “maintain” while in ministry. Thanks for sharing the list.

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