EXTRA: 10 things that challenged me

August 24, 2008

What an AWESOME conference!

I had the privilege of attending the Connect Conference in Austin, Texas a few days ago. The conference was absolutely challenging in so many ways. I will mention in this post 10 things that challenged me.

The conference focused on reaching 20 somethings who are leaving the Christian church in droves. If we don’t reach them, what will our church look like in ten, fifteen or twenty years?

The following individuals presenting at this conference: Ed Stetzer, Jason Hayes, Jen Hatmaker, Michael Kelley, Jason Hale and Mike Hurt.

I HIGHLY recommend attending one of the Connect Conferences. Click here to see the other five remaining events for this year.

1. Reach out to the unchurched.

2. Focus on people not programs.

3. Avoid church jargon.

4. Community doesn’t mean small groups.

5. You can provide depth in a secular culture.

6. Postmodernity doesn’t just refer to the present culture.

7. Model a deep leadership style.

8. Your Bible study can be deep.

9. Young adults want to serve.

10. Read! Read! Read!



  1. appreciate the insight into todays’ approach to ministry.. your comments came at the right time.. we are in the midst of changing some things. to help make ministry run more smoothly… thanks for your insight…

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