EXTRA: 10 steps to a Bible study with depth

August 28, 2008

Michael Kelley introduced his 7 steps to a Bible study with depth. I have added a few to his steps and created ten. You can also use these ten steps in creating a sermon.

1. Ask for the Holy Spirit.

2. Read the text (10 times).

3. Question the text.

4. Mine the text (no commentaries).

5. Read commentaries.

6. Find the 3 am statement.

7. Reflect on the text. What does the text mean to me?

8. Draw up an outline.

9. Anticipate questions.

10. Present the study.

Adapted from Michael Kelley’s 7 steps for Bible study.


One comment

  1. Pastor Ben,
    Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how proud I am that you are my brother, my son, my friend.

    Clearly, the Lord has gifted you to bring various and sundry resources together and present them in a way that I believe blesses those who receive it directly from you as well as those who shall receive it from them.

    May the Lord continue to bless and anoint you.

    Blessed to be your dad.

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