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10 ministers I admire

September 28, 2008


There are quite a few ministers I read and study to make myself the best minister for God.
I’ve listed just a few of the ministers that have impacted my ministry positively.

1. Voddie Baucham

2. Rob Wegner

3. Ed Young 

4. Otis Moss III

5. Mark Waltz

6. Francis Chan

7. Efrem Smith

8. Harvey carey

9. Louie Giglio

10. Erwin McManus

11. Ralph D. West


10 questions to ask yourself today

September 21, 2008


I want to become the pastor God wants me to be. As I seek to grow spiritually and professionally, these are a few questions to help me achieve my spiritual and professional goals. Let me know your thoughts.

1. Am I doing what I’m passionate about?

2. How can I be more effective?

3. Do I need to apologize to anyone?

4. In what one way can I improve?

5. How can I make someone’s day today?

6. Have I spent ample time with God today?

7. How will someone see Jesus in me today?

8. What am I afraid of?

9. What gifts am I neglecting?

10. How can I show extraordinary love to my family today?


10 great visual resources for preaching

September 14, 2008

We live in a media-driven society. If we expect to reach people and hold their attention we must use some form of media otherwise we will lose them to sleep. Here are a few resources that will be helpful in your preaching and teaching. Some of these resources will also be great for your youth and young adults along with Bible study or small group time.

1. Sermon Spice

2. Worship House Media

3. Highway Video

4. Beamer Films

5. Forty-One-Twenty

6. Good Salt

7. Muddy River Media

8. Project God

9. Sermon View

10. The Grove Center


10 things I learned in seminary

September 7, 2008

Seminary is a great time for developing professionally and personally.

Seminary was a rich experience for me. My seminary journey stays with me and impacts my life to this day.

1. I love to learn.

2. Biblical languages are important.

3. Small groups are needed.

4. Interpersonal relationship skills are needed.

5. Conflict management is needed.

6. Vision casting is a dying/dead art.

7. Strong leadership is a must.

8. Preaching is a small part of pastoral ministry.

9. I can live without snow.

10. I have lasting relationships.