10 things I learned in seminary

September 7, 2008

Seminary is a great time for developing professionally and personally.

Seminary was a rich experience for me. My seminary journey stays with me and impacts my life to this day.

1. I love to learn.

2. Biblical languages are important.

3. Small groups are needed.

4. Interpersonal relationship skills are needed.

5. Conflict management is needed.

6. Vision casting is a dying/dead art.

7. Strong leadership is a must.

8. Preaching is a small part of pastoral ministry.

9. I can live without snow.

10. I have lasting relationships.



  1. Hey Ben,

    Great stuff!! So simple, direct to the point and gets your attention. Please consider this idea STOLEN!! Hope all is going well. Let’s talk!


  2. Great list. Well done.

  3. I learned that seminarians need computer help.

    Looks like you snagged mcphaull.com … awesome!

  4. […] 5. 10 things I learned in seminary […]

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