10 ministers I admire

September 28, 2008

 [AUDIO http://mcphaull.com/bens10/10%20ministers%20I%20most%20admire.mp3%5D

There are quite a few ministers I read and study to make myself the best minister for God.
I’ve listed just a few of the ministers that have impacted my ministry positively.

1. Voddie Baucham

2. Rob Wegner

3. Ed Young 

4. Otis Moss III

5. Mark Waltz

6. Francis Chan

7. Efrem Smith

8. Harvey carey

9. Louie Giglio

10. Erwin McManus

11. Ralph D. West



  1. Hey man did I make your top twenty of Preachers/Pastors that need a whole lot of Jesus???

  2. […] 9. 10 ministers I admire […]

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