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Catalyst EXTRA: 10 Insightful speakers from Catalyst 2008

October 18, 2008

I was truly blessed by the caliber of speakers at Catalyst. This was my first Catalyst event and I look forward to attending many more events.

Here are a few speakers that blessed me from Catalyst 2008.

1. Andy Stanley

2. William P. Young

3. Jim Collins

4. Brenda Salter-Mcneil

5. Seth Godin

6. Craig Groeschel

7. Dave Ramsey

8. Ed Stetzer

9. Tim Sanders

10. Tim Elmore


Catalyst EXTRA: 10 great books recommended at catalyst 2008

October 17, 2008

Here are a few great books recommended at Catalyst. Please check these links out. These books will be a blessing to your ministry.

1. It

2. Next Generation Leader

3. Confessions of a Pastor

4. Evangelism without Additives

5. Good to Great

6. Tribes

7. A Credible Witness

8. Making Vision Stick

9. Culture Making

10. The Shack


Catalyst EXTRA: 10 reasons you MUST attend Catalyst next year

October 16, 2008

The experience was absolutely AMAZING! I’ve been to a number of conferences, but Catalyst was the best!

There are many words to describe Catalyst. I’ve listed a few of them below. Let me know your thoughts.

If you live out West mark you calendar for Catalyst West April 2009.


1. Worship

2. Exhibits

3. Networking

4. Energy

5. Excitement- expect the unexpected

6. Speakers

7. Free stuff

8. Ministry resources

9. Inspiration

10. Discover God’s leading


10 ways to connect with the unchurched

October 4, 2008

 [AUDIO defines an unchurched person as one who is not a member of a church.

We have been called to reach all people with the message of Christ. It is easy to reach Christians and to “steal” sheep from other congregations but it is more difficult to reach those who don’t have any ties to a particular church.

Listed below are some practical ways to reach the unchurched without having to throw up a tent, send out flyers or spend money to reach people for Christ. According to George Barna %71 of people who attend church were invited by a family member of friend. They didn’t attend an evangelistic meeting. Hmm….
These ten are have been derived from Bill Easum and Tom Bandy.

1. Work with the local police department.

2. Have a block party.

3. Rake the leaves or shovel snow for a neighbor.

4. Be a mentor.

5. Party, party, party at church!

6. Have activities for Kids.

7. Go where the people are.

8. Health fairs.

9. Hold a neighborhood focus group.

10. Take public transportation.