10 prodigious seminaries to attend for a doctoral degree

November 9, 2008

[AUDIO http://mcphaull.com/bens10/10%20great%20seminaries%20to%20attend%20for%20your%20doctoral%20degree.mp3%5D

This post includes 10 prodigious seminaries to attend for a PhD/DMin.

These institutions are prodigious because of the great wealth of knowledge gained from your time of study.

Check the schools out. If you’ve attended these schools let me know how you enjoyed your experience.

1. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary


3. Fuller Theological Seminary

4. United Theological Seminary

5. Beeson Divinity

6. Princeton Theological Seminary

7. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

8. Denver Theological Seminary

9. Union Theological Seminary

10. Howard Divinity School



  1. Well, I would probably have to choose Fuller. Then I gould have free room and board at the McPhaull’s…do they offer Jewish Studies? Their website was not an easy one to follow!

  2. Dorla,

    Fuller does offer a masters and doctorate in Near Eastern Studies as well as Hebrew Studies. http://fuller.edu/academics/school-of-theology/cats/thm-in-theology.aspx

    Y’all are welcome to move to Pasadena when you’re ready!

  3. […] 3. 10 seminaries to attend […]

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