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10 blogs to add to your feed

January 26, 2009

Reading the blogs of great leaders will help improve your ministry leadership skills.
Here are 10 blogs that are a blessing to me.
Let me know your thoughts…

1. Church Relevance

2. Tony Morgan

3. Craig Groeschel

4. Ed Stetzer

5. Ed Young Jr.

6. Rick Warren

7. Tim Stevens

8. Mark Waltz

9. Mark Driscoll

10. Seth Godin


10 things your website/church bulletin says about you/church

January 18, 2009


1. You are not a professional.

2. You procrastinate.

3. You try to do everything yourself.

4. Your church is not worth checking out.

5. “Educated people” are not welcome.

6. Your church is boring.

7. Your church believes in Bible study or lack thereof.

8. Your church doesn’t understand its purpose of existing.

9. You’re not an up to date church

10. You’re exclusive not inclusive.


10 mistakes I’ve made doing young adult ministry

January 11, 2009


1. Starting too fast.

2. Trying to fix the problem rather than changing the faulty process.

3. Putting programs ahead of people.

4. Delegating tasks instead of empowering leaders.

5. Assuming a one size fits all ministry.

6. Waiting for more to arrive.

7. Neglecting the needs of the young adults.

8. Not knowing their names.

9. Not listening to their ministry desires.

10. Not sticking with the basics (Bible study, prayer, helping the community, etc.).


10 ways to streamline your service

January 4, 2009


You know as well as I do how frustrating it can be to sit through a church service that didn’t have a clear end time.
Streamlining the worship service doesn’t suggest that we should rush through the church service. It merely means managing the time better. Do you need to streamline your church service? Does your pastor need to streamline your service?

1. Plan your service

2. Stick to the plan

3. Rehearse to cut dead time

4. Combine elements- have one person do multiple items on the program

5. Study the flow of other church services

6. Don’t preach for 1 1/2 hours

7. Re-evaluate every element of your service

8. Limit announcements

9. Start on time

10. Create a culture that respects the time of members