Do these 10 things define your church?

February 1, 2009

I pray that the following list is not what defines your church. Let me know your thoughts on this podcast.

1. long services– Most churches (these days) have a set time for worship services. This is true especially if your church holds multiple weekend services. Your worship service should not wear out the patience of the saints.

2. geriatric haven– If your church is not a youthful church then eventually it will die. Church growth experts suggest that growth must include biological growth. While we don’t want to kick geriatrics to the curb, we do want to open our church doors to youth and young adults. Is your church a geriatric haven? If the answer is yes, is your church destined to die?

3. dead worship– Any church teaching the Gospel (Good News) can’t be a dead church. The wonderful message of the Gospel should bring excitement to all who hold it dear. However, many Christian churches are plagued by dead worship. Take a look at our worship liturgy to see if you’re guilty of dead worship.

4. boring preaching– This goes along with dead worship. Preaching Christ should never be BORING! One reason preaching is boring is due to the fact that many preachers don’t adequately prepare for the sermon time. If Christ is lifted the sermon will draw all people to Him. It will never be boring.

5. unfriendly– I’ve been to so many churches that are just COLD. These churches are so unfriendly that you have no desire to return. I pray that this will never define your church or mine. Your church should strive to be the friendliest church.  

6. cliquish– We must attempt to create an environment of inclusiveness. We must uphold the biblical model that we are all one in Christ Jesus. We should not have cliques that exclude any individuals in the church or outside. We need to teach through our lives that cliques are OUT!

7. maintenance– I’ve spoke about this topic many times. Maintenance ministry is not needed nor should it be accepted. Maintenance ministry leads to us thinking we can do the same things over again expecting different results-insanity.

8. raggedy building– We must not allow our buildings to be dilapidated buildings. The house of God should look beautiful. The building should be as beautiful as we can make it. 

9. no parking– Your church must have adequate parking. If you expect people to attend your church you must have a place for them to park. Parking is extremely important.

10. lack of innovation– Innovation is lacking in many Christian churches today. Innovation is needed to connect with the culture. Is your church lacking innovation?



  1. Related to adequate parking is the lack of double parking. One day in nashville, I was visiting a church that gets out very late…and I was very close to being double parked and blocked in. They had someone patrolling the grounds, but I don’t know why they let folks block you in…

  2. I want to address the parking issue. Until all of our churches are buildings that we design, we don’t always have control over how much parking is availlable. I can think of a few churches in metropolitan area(NY) that has NO parking. The other piece to that is that I am not sure that we consider our churches actually growing to need additional parking when we select sites as well.

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