10 ways to protect your ministry from an affair

February 11, 2009

To find a video resource click here.

Click here for an article on marriage.

1. Don’t counsel a person of the opposite sex without someone present.

2. Never go anywhere alone with a woman.

3. Remember the 3 second rule

4. Never touch a woman if you find yourself alone with her.

5. Don’t meet a woman at her home without your wife.

6. Never give private details about your life or marriage.

7. Don’t keep appreciation notes from women to read when your marriage gets tough.

8. When a woman comes on to you stop her immediately. Don’t flirt back.

9. Establish an accountability partner.

10. Have quality talk time with your wife daily. Communicate.



  1. hey Ben, have you seen the movie?

  2. I have it on my Netflix. Haven’t seen it yet.

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