10 reasons your members come to church even though it stinks (sucks)

July 5, 2009

Why do people go to your church? Are they really being blessed by the service? Have they experienced a closer walk with God?

People attend churches for a variety of reasons. I’ve listed ten.

1. family-Family attends the church.

2. friends-Friends attend the church.

3. tradition-Where I’ve always gone to church.

4. closest to home-I don’t have to travel very far.

5. music-Not great but it’s identifiable. LOL

6. preaching-It’s only once per week so I can bear it.

7. people my age at the church- I can at least connect with people my age.

8. that’s where they grew up-similar to tradition, I’m connected to the church. I know people.

9. trying to find a spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend- because I know people, I’m trying to ind a spouse from among my kin folk.

10. guilty-I just feel like I HAVE TO GO TO CHURCH.



  1. So true… #6 is a killer!

  2. Excellent question.

    I think the answer for #10 should be placed in #1 position.

    • you have pointed out many things but you know my dear Brother this phenomenon is common every where in the world. But there are many who are going to the church to worship, to worship only. And it’s the responsibility of you and me to bind the youth with the sprit of God. And please don’t think that the Church is Sinking and it will last no more it’s the rumour the Devil is spreading allover the globe to weaken the believers. And you know the Church is going to GROW more than ever it’s foundations are being laid by God.

  3. We attend a 7day church we do not belive in the church beliefs we belive in the bible and God and what God says in His Word, we have prayed for God let us know if we should stay there or move to another church,we have not heard from God about leaving.

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