What are 10 reasons why young adults leave church?

September 20, 2009

I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say.
Post as many reasons as you can think of. I found two articles (I will share them in a few days) on this subject. Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in a cave, you know that the church faces a HUGE challenge of reaching, reclaiming or claiming young adults for Christ.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Don’t be shy! Speak right up!


  1. Messages are irrelevant…

  2. They can’t stand church politics. They don’t feel they have ownership in the church

  3. I think they are bored. There is not enough going on for them. Plus I think kids like witnessing and outreach, if the church is not involved in that, and they are not assisting, their religion is useless to them. Just my opinion….

  4. If your “church” means the SDA church then I know a dozen or more of the reasons why young adults leave the church, but in my church (full gospel @ Bangkok) this is not a concern. Our concern is how to keep up with the appetite of these guys who are hungering for worship and witnessing.

  5. Unfortunately I see this problem originating from the breakdown of the family. But that is another topic for another time.

    One big problem we face with today’s youth is the idea that the church is supposed to entertain them instead of educate. I’m all for inspiration through video and audio media. Gospel, contemporary Christian, hymnals, etc… they are designed to worship our Lord and Savior with much enthusiasm. How great is our God that he blesses us with these wonderful gifts in which to bring to Him on a daily basis. But the movement of pop (worldly) culture has created this need (addiction) to be entertained. It’s all about overloading the senses. Kids aren’t being taught that it’s all for His glory, not ours. They are taught that “Me” is okay.

    One of the earlier post said that they are bored. You tell them, let’s get out of the house and go to church but they would rather sit at home and be bored. I watched my stepdaughter use countless excuses not to go to church because she didn’t like being around boring adults and kids (and I think the church we attend is one of the most exciting churches I’ve been to in years). It all comes back to being entertained. Yes, some kids love to be doing something such as evangelism or praise worship but the majority would rather sit around and hope for something fun to happen. Is it our job to make worship fun for kids (and young adults)? It’s just sad…

  6. The problem with young adults in the church is their age. During the last school years, most young people care a lot about what their friends think about them. It may sound “not cool” in their schools if they tell their friends that they are going to a church or that you are singing in a church choir or something of that sort, at least not in Southern Europe. The influence of the school and the society to an average young adult is very strong, and currently, the society, the internet and TV industry, are promoting things that are so much different from the spiritual quest of a person. Young adults in general are spiritually hibernating, that is the global social problem, and not only the problem of the church.

  7. Actually…
    Do you remember the song by the band “Huey Lewis and the News,” called, “I Want a New Drug”?

    I heard it mentioned in a sermon once: denounced, actually. The pastor believed that the song promoted drug use. Actually, Lewis was singing about *love*. The language in the song was figurative. I thought that was a stupid mistake to make (hey, I was a teenager), and slacked off going to church after that. The confusion of figurative language for literal should have tipped me off to issues in Bible interpretation, as well, but, again–I was a teenager.

  8. Pastor you are in grave danger you are trusting in your self more than the lord and holy spirit .The holy spirit will teach you truth the whole truth and the fact is there is no other church mentioned in the bible in the last days by which satan is wroth with accept the remnat church which keeps the commandments of God and has the testimony of Jesus .Oh pastor the bible says where there is no law the people perish another place it says where there is no vision the people perish but he that keepeth the law happy is he.
    Whats wrong with you pastor pray to the Lord open my spiritual eyes that i might see.i come from the roman catholic church to the sda faith after the bishop tells me that the true church is the sda church which follows the bible ansd bible alone and they acknowledge that sister white is a true prophet ,pastor i am sad extremely sad to read this awake now from your sleep as it is given in romans before it is too late.
    You can be used by the lord if you allow him to lead pastor there might be much wrong in here there might be some wrong people but this is the true church do not give up stick to it like elisha stuck to his master initinally he was just doing all the errands but these were powerful lessons of humility and dependence on the lord we fight this battle not by power not by might but by His spirit.
    I will keep you in prayer oh pastor i have been beaten ,threatened hurt ,deflamed for the truth but i am contining may you look upw3ards and walk

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