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Interview with Pastor Delroy Brooks***Part Two***

November 30, 2008

In todays post you will see part two of the interview withPastor Delroy Brooks.
Check out the second part of this post for today and let me know what you think.

Pastor Ben


Pastor Delroy Brooks Interview on youth ministry***part one***

November 24, 2008

In todays post you will see part one of my interview withPastor Delroy Brooks.
Check out the second part of this post next week.
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10 things to do when hosting musical artists

July 14, 2008


There are some things to keep in mind when inviting a professional artist to your church or group. I had the awesome privilege of sitting down with international musical artist Michael Harris to get a better idea of what church leaders can do to make an artist’s visit to your church a more positive experience.

1. Treat them like professionals.

2. Give them time for their personal story.

3. Allow time for rest!

4. Start the concert on time.

5. Make artists feel at home and relaxed.

6. Be considerate when the artist has traveled a great distance.

7. Have a competent person on the sound equipment.

8. Be ready to pay for expenses.

9. Give the artist time to rehearse before the concert.

10. Book the artist ASAP.

with Michael Harris
with Michael Harris

10 ways to take care of your mamas

June 29, 2008

Ever since our son was born 9 months ago, my wife (Delina) and I have become aware of the lack of adequate facilities in many churches to accommodate mothers and children. In this session, Delina and I outline 10 things you can do to take better care of the mamas in your church.

Assuming that your church offers a Mother’s Room/Lounge, make sure that it is:

1. Easily accessible

2. Private

3. Single-use

4. Quiet and comfortable

5. Equipped with sound, video or some access to experience church service

6. Well-equipped with extras (wipes, diapers, rocking chair, etc.)

7. Baby proof

8. Clean

In addition:

9. The culture of your church should be welcoming and understanding

10. Train your ushers to assist the mamas hauling babies.

What sorts of facilities/service does your church provide for your member mamas and visiting mamas?