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Catalyst EXTRA: 10 great thoughts from Catalyst 08′

October 19, 2008

 There were some great sayings at Catalyst 2008. Here are ten sayings that stayed with me.
I pray they are a blessing to you also.

1. Greatness is a function of conscious choice and discipline. Jim Collins

2. go out and shake things up! Brenda Salter McNeil

3. Become heretics! Seth Godin

4. We can change the world by coming to8ether. Andy Stanley

5. There is more in you! Craig Groeschel

6. We can save the world by giving. Tim Sanders

7. Practice extreme levels of excellence. Dave Ramsey

8. Great leaders have moral authority. Andy Stanley

9. We can do more to8ether than apart. Tim Sanders

10. Be useful! Jim Collins


Catalyst EXTRA: 10 must visit sponsors/exhibitors

October 18, 2008

1. Sermon Spice

2. Yes Haiti

3. Prison Fellowship

4. Liquid

5. Divorce Care for Kids

6. Lifeway

7. Samaritan’s Purse

8. Zondervan

9. Dave Ramsey

10. Alpha USA


Catalyst EXTRA: 10 Insightful speakers from Catalyst 2008

October 18, 2008

I was truly blessed by the caliber of speakers at Catalyst. This was my first Catalyst event and I look forward to attending many more events.

Here are a few speakers that blessed me from Catalyst 2008.

1. Andy Stanley

2. William P. Young

3. Jim Collins

4. Brenda Salter-Mcneil

5. Seth Godin

6. Craig Groeschel

7. Dave Ramsey

8. Ed Stetzer

9. Tim Sanders

10. Tim Elmore


Catalyst EXTRA: 10 great books recommended at catalyst 2008

October 17, 2008

Here are a few great books recommended at Catalyst. Please check these links out. These books will be a blessing to your ministry.

1. It

2. Next Generation Leader

3. Confessions of a Pastor

4. Evangelism without Additives

5. Good to Great

6. Tribes

7. A Credible Witness

8. Making Vision Stick

9. Culture Making

10. The Shack