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EXTRA: 10 steps to a Bible study with depth

August 28, 2008

Michael Kelley introduced his 7 steps to a Bible study with depth. I have added a few to his steps and created ten. You can also use these ten steps in creating a sermon.

1. Ask for the Holy Spirit.

2. Read the text (10 times).

3. Question the text.

4. Mine the text (no commentaries).

5. Read commentaries.

6. Find the 3 am statement.

7. Reflect on the text. What does the text mean to me?

8. Draw up an outline.

9. Anticipate questions.

10. Present the study.

Adapted from Michael Kelley’s 7 steps for Bible study.


EXTRA 10: Threads Media resources I can’t wait to use

August 28, 2008

I highly recommend attending the Connect Conference this year. Unlike most conferences, Threads doesn’t bombard you with resources to buy. They didn’t however had a list of resources and a few samples for us to check out. I have listed below ten that caught my eye.

Check them out.

1. Chase the Lion

2. Connect the Dots

3. Repurposed

4. Feast

5. Get Uncomfortable

6. Intransit

7. Jaded

8. The Exchange

9. The Tough Sayings of Jesus part I and part II

10. You


EXTRA: 10 must reads from the conference presenters

August 26, 2008

Here is a list of books the presenters gave as books that helped to shape their philosophy of young adult ministry.
Be blessed.

1. I love Jesus but hate the church

2. Communicating for Change

3. The Missional Code

4. The Essential Church

5. The Irresistable Revolution

6. The Tangible Kingdom

7. Getting Real

8. Confessions of a Pastor

9. No Perfect People Allowed

10. How Now Shall We Live?


EXTRA: 10 things that challenged me

August 24, 2008

What an AWESOME conference!

I had the privilege of attending the Connect Conference in Austin, Texas a few days ago. The conference was absolutely challenging in so many ways. I will mention in this post 10 things that challenged me.

The conference focused on reaching 20 somethings who are leaving the Christian church in droves. If we don’t reach them, what will our church look like in ten, fifteen or twenty years?

The following individuals presenting at this conference: Ed Stetzer, Jason Hayes, Jen Hatmaker, Michael Kelley, Jason Hale and Mike Hurt.

I HIGHLY recommend attending one of the Connect Conferences. Click here to see the other five remaining events for this year.

1. Reach out to the unchurched.

2. Focus on people not programs.

3. Avoid church jargon.

4. Community doesn’t mean small groups.

5. You can provide depth in a secular culture.

6. Postmodernity doesn’t just refer to the present culture.

7. Model a deep leadership style.

8. Your Bible study can be deep.

9. Young adults want to serve.

10. Read! Read! Read!