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10 ways to take care of your mamas

June 29, 2008

Ever since our son was born 9 months ago, my wife (Delina) and I have become aware of the lack of adequate facilities in many churches to accommodate mothers and children. In this session, Delina and I outline 10 things you can do to take better care of the mamas in your church.

Assuming that your church offers a Mother’s Room/Lounge, make sure that it is:

1. Easily accessible

2. Private

3. Single-use

4. Quiet and comfortable

5. Equipped with sound, video or some access to experience church service

6. Well-equipped with extras (wipes, diapers, rocking chair, etc.)

7. Baby proof

8. Clean

In addition:

9. The culture of your church should be welcoming and understanding

10. Train your ushers to assist the mamas hauling babies.

What sorts of facilities/service does your church provide for your member mamas and visiting mamas?