10 About Me

10 things about me (in no particular order):

1. Christian

2. Pastor

3. Teachable

4. Personable

5. Lover of Greek

6. Life-long learner

7. Husband

8. Father

9. Excitable

10. Traveler

I have a passion for ministry including preaching, small groups,  innovative ideas & projects, technology and… oh, yeah, people.   Most of all I love the Son, my son, my daughters, the Bride and my bride.

Personal Vision Statement:
To be a growing Christian, a loving and faithful husband, an exceptional father, and a Spirit-led pastor—simultaneously.



  1. Hey Ben,
    LOVE the “Ben’s 10” concept!!
    Glad to see the progress on the podcast. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  2. Ben – I love the site! Great stuff here! Now I wanna’ get reading all those books you suggested. 🙂 Can I forward this blog to some of my friends?

  3. This is a hot blog! I am inspired to do likewise. Also which one of those conferences is the best one I should go to?

  4. Hi there! I have spent over half hr. reading your blog. So glad you made the decision to leave the SDA. I was an SDA for 40 yr. The last few were horrible, whenever I asked questions, I was told not to read other stuff. That just made me research more. The pastor told me I was serving the devil, and to go to the conference to ask for forgiveness. I did not read a lot of Mrs. White’s books, just a little of them.
    I even have one book from her that was given to her as a gift, and it has her handwriting in it. Have been pondering on selling it to their museum, to use the money for Bibles for China. It is not a SDA book to my knowledge. At present, it is buried under a lot of other books.
    I did a lot of praying after leaving the church, and asked the Lord to lead me to a God loving church, not legalistic. I did not want to go from one fry pan to another. I ended up in the Nazarene church, for 15 yr. now. I lead the women’s Bible study each week. I am very much in love with the Lord, and so glad he leads when we are willing. I studied all the points you bring up, plus more. I spent about 5 yr. in study by myself with the Spirit leading me. I also now know that the Adventists “shun” you when you leave. They do not use that term but it amounts to the same. The Lord has given me a whole new christian family that love me for what I am, and not all the laws I keep. You keep up the good work for the Lord, and I will check into your site often. I read a lot of messianic christian sites, and other sites with deeper reading.
    In Christ’s love, Darlene

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