10 things I learned my first year

July 8, 2008

[Audio http://mcphaull.com/bens10/10%20thingsIlearnedmyfirstyear.mp3%5D

Think back over the things you learned in seminary. Unfortunately you probably won’t use much of it in your ministry. Keep your head up and utilize what you can to help your church grow. Let me know if you learned similar things in your first year of ministry.

1. You probably won’t use much of what you learned in seminary.

2. You probably won’t have an excellent supervisor.

3. Stay in the Word.

4. Stay on your knees.

5. Stay humble.

6. Keep learning.

7. Understand your role.

8. Know their names.

9. Steer clear of the politics.

10. Take notes… (good or bad).



  1. Thanks for these top tens preacher. God bless your ministry.

  2. Hey Ben, I actually listened to a whole one of these things this time. Good stuff! I have some issues with your ten for this week. I just wanted to add to the “know their names” bullet. We not only should learn names, but we should be able to know at least one thing about each member that we meet. Also, instead of the take notes one, I would add show you care, genuinely. What I’ve noticed is that people don’t really care how much you know, but they pay attention when they know how much you care.

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