10 mistakes I’ve made doing young adult ministry

January 11, 2009

[AUDIO http://mcphaull.com/bens10/10%20mistakes%20doing%20young%20adult%20ministry.mp3%5D

1. Starting too fast.

2. Trying to fix the problem rather than changing the faulty process.

3. Putting programs ahead of people.

4. Delegating tasks instead of empowering leaders.

5. Assuming a one size fits all ministry.

6. Waiting for more to arrive.

7. Neglecting the needs of the young adults.

8. Not knowing their names.

9. Not listening to their ministry desires.

10. Not sticking with the basics (Bible study, prayer, helping the community, etc.).



  1. Hey man thanks for insight. Still got one more year to wait before I can start that DMin program

  2. Hey man, we are at our worker’s meeting checking out your site. Good stuff. Dougie Fresh is looking for a Black assistant!

  3. […] 10. 10 mistakes I’ve made doing young adult ministry […]

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